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“The rise of stateless terrorist forces substantially reduces the deterrent value of nuclear weapons, and modern precision-guided munitions make it possible to destroy almost any target we can identify, reducing the utility of nuclear weapons. We face new threats today which require new thinking.” (Col. Michael R. Gallagher, USAF (Ret.) Wall Street Journal, April 20, 2010)

"President Obama has ended production of the Air Force's top fighter, the F-22, canceled missile defense installations in central Europe, cut the Army's Future Combat System, made large cuts to the missile defense program, and ... announced an almost 20% cut in the dedicated forces they could allocate to respond to a weapons of mass destruction attack on U.S. soil" (Morning Bell, "Maintaining Our Dominant
Military", April 16, 2010)

Supporters of a strong defense want to eliminate billions of waste that is part of the $700 billion defense budget. Earmarks and non-essential projects are taking money away from training, manpower, and weapons systems.

The defense budget should not be used to win a Congressman or Senator favor back home.
The average age of Naval aircraft is more than 18 years and Air Force jets more than 24 years.

More can be learned at by Citizens Against Government Waste.

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In order to win the war on terror we first need to identify our enemy correctly. The enemy is not an organization, "al Queda and its affiliates," as stated by the Obama administration, nor "violent extremism," which comes from many sources with which we are not at war, nor is it Islam. The enemy is "violent Islamic extremism," a political ideology that exploits Islam and motivates many groups and individuals.

The National Security Strategy released in May 2010 drops the correct wording contained in the 2006 National Security Strategy, namely "the transnational terrorists [who] exploit the proud religion of Islam to serve a violent political vision."

Credit goes to Senator Joseph I Lieberman (Ind., CT) for pointing this out. ("Who's the Enemy in the War on Terror?", Wall Street Journal, p. A17, June 15, 2010)

Regarding Libya.

I believe Senators Kerry, McConnel Libermann and McCain are not the brightest representatives  we need in Washington these days. They suggested last week that we establish a no flight zone in Libya probably thinking it’s no cost event.

How quickly they forget the history in the area. Some of our representatives  think we can impose our American morays on an Arabic tribal culture. 

We went to war in Iraq with no real reason and killed thousands of civilians as well as over four thousand US soldiers and bankrupted the nation. We went there because our congressional representatives believed faults rummers and government spin. They neglected the best advice of the leading military men and believed an unqualified administrative hack. We are still suffering that debacle.

We are still in a war in Afghanistan costing billions of dollars and thousands of American lives as well as innocent civilians and again no end in sight. For what? Revenge? 

The locale Libyan population doesn't want us to interfere with their fights and there is no reason to get into a potential civil war where there is no plan to get out.

We need modern political leaders with brains in Washington. When next you vote consider your choices well.

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