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"A billion people have been lifted out of poverty since 1990 because their
countries moved toward more market-based economies—a billion people."
(Gary Becker, Nobel economist, Wall Street Journal, A13, March 27, 2010)


Prices play an essential role in free markets.

When demand exceeds supply, prices go up and the situation corrects.

When supply exceeds demand, prices go down and the situation corrects.

When the government intervenes to affect supply or demand, or to control prices, the
result will be either shortages or surpluses.


Government involvement in private markets gives rise to special interests.

(See "Interventionism and regulation" and "Economics")

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"Physician payments in ... Medicare and Medicaid, are already well below the prevailing rates in the private sector. On average, physicians in Medicare are paid 81 percent of private payment; physicians in Medicaid are paid 56 percent of private payment."
"Because doctors are underpaid for the services they provide under Medicare and Medicaid, this system limits Medicare and Medicaid patients’ access to physicians, and contributes to massive overcrowding and waiting times in emergency rooms. To demonstrate this point, a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation recently showed that about two-thirds of primary care physicians reported that under this legislation, new Medicaid enrollees would not be able to find a “suitable primary care physician” in their area."
(Amanda J. Reinecker, "Obamacare’s Burdens", Heritage Foundation, May 14, 2010)
Physicians are not required to participate in Medicare of Medicaid. More and more will choose to "opt out" as Medicare and Medicaid income doesn't even cover their costs related to these programs.

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