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How to BEGIN to heal our financial catastrophe—the Red Ink Hemorrhaging, Ballooning debt and defecits, both Federal and State.

What is it now? 1.8 Trillion? 2.0 Trillion? And climbing.


Let’s use the analogy of a severely bleeding patient in triage:


I-Severe Bleeding and blood loss-----------------------àImmediately Apply  Tourniquet

(Rampant, uncontrolled spending-----------------àFREEZE,then CUT spending)

1)-Eliminate ALL Earmarks

2)Stop ALL further “stimulus” payouts and return all unspent funds to the Treasury

3) De-fund “Obama-Care” medical legislation

4) FREEZE all federal spending at current levels, immediately.

(Many programs have automatic escalators for annual increases built in—halt these!)

5) Mandate for 2 years, a 5% REDUCTION of funding in ALL Federal programs (except military) This should include ALL entitlement programs.


II-A Blood Transfusion---------------------------------àto Restore Blood Supply

                                                                    (To Increase Revenues)

(Note: Increasing Taxes will NOT necessarily increase revenues!

Because it will stifle incentives to invest)

To promote investments/business expansion/job creation/capital creation,

Resulting in INCREASED REVENUES to the Government as the economic “Pie” grows by Permanent, Across-the board TAX REDUCTIONS—Income taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, elimination of “Death Taxes”.

History shows the wisdom of this approach:

1920’s Harding/Coolidge Tax cuts –the “roaring 20”s”!

1963 JFK Tax cuts---The economy grew!

1980’s Reagan Tax cuts----the economy grew!

2000’s Bush Tax cuts---the economy grew!, up to the sub-prime mortgage fiasco.

ALL of these created substantial economic growth and increased revenues to the government!

We may not be able to “put the toothpaste back in the tube”, but we need to stop squeezing the damn tube!!


The answers to what ails us does not require a brain surgeon’s knowledge----just common sense and a commitment to do what each of us would do with our own family’s finances!!


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