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What do we want Congress to do in 2011?

Below are 20 actions that should be the highest priority for Congress in 2011, with links to further discussion.

1.      TAXES more

             Pass the Fair Tax (H.R. 25) to start a fairer, simpler tax system in 2012.

2.      HEALTH CARE more

             a.      Repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care (Obamacare) Health Care Bill, largely because of the mandatory insurance purchase provisions that violate the Constitution.
Pass medical tort reform to limit  malpractice awards for pain and suffering.
Permit competition in medical insurance across state lines.


             Break up the six biggest banks, making them tolerant to failure, by separating commercial banking, which should be using government-guaranteed deposits to provide credit to the economy, from capital market trading, which mis-allocates those deposits into high-risk proprietary activities.

4.      AGRICULTURE more

Eliminate farm subsidies and farm price controls.


Restore DC Opportunity Scholarships in the District of Columbia. more

6.      ENERGY more

Allow nuclear waste disposal in Yucca Mountain to permit safer operation of the 104 existing nuclear power plants and the construction of additional plants.


Try enemy combatants in military tribunals and continue to operate the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. more

8.      FREE TRADE

Approve free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. more

9.      SPENDING more

Rescind remaining TARP and Stimulus funds. Ban earmarks. Streamline the government bureaucracy to save $1 trillion in ten years.

                     Terminate government (taxpayer) guarantees of losses of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

11.  POVERTY more

Remove financial penalties for marriage among the poor in means-tested welfare programs such as food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, day care, and TANF.

12.  UNIONS more

                       Allow non-unionized as well as unionized construction companies to compete for construction work supported by federal funds.


a.      Allow workers to invest Social Security taxes in personal retirement accounts.

              b.      Increase the retirement age for Social Security to keep pace with life-expectancy.

c.      Allow seniors to defer Social Security benefits to a later age with increased
benefits if they work longer.


a.      TERM LIMITS: "No person shall be elected to the House of Representatives more
than four times or to the Senate more than twice." more

b.      REMOVE SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY FROM CAMPAIGNS: "Individual citizens may, but groups of citizens and organizations may not, contribute to the political campaign for any federal office or to the holder or candidate for such position." see Lobbying

c.       CLARIFY THE EXPRESS POWERS: Require federal courts to interpret in accordance with the 10th Amendment any power that Congress claims under the “interstate commerce” or “necessary and proper” clauses. The 10th Amendment reserves to the States or to the people any powers not expressly delegated to the United States by the Constitution. more


See also Contract from America.

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Close the borders!
12 to 20 million Illegals in the USA... 10 million LEGAL Americans out of work!!! Go figure.
If American jobs were only held by Legal Americans - unemployment -even in these hard times - would be around 5%!! 5% ior less is considered full employment by economists. Unemployment payouts by the government would be easily cut by 50%!!!
In good times - With out the added competition of Illegals - there would not be enough 18 to 65 year olds to fill all the jobs!! The experience and work ethic of the over 65 group would be valued by business. Instead of being forced into retirement at $800 to $1500 per month - they could choose to keep working and be offered $800 to $1500 per week!!! Social security would pay out much less!!!
With more jobs than workers - supply and demand - employeers would have to offer the equivalant of "living wages" and even the likes of McDonalds and Walmart would have to offer --dare I say it - Healthcare!!!
Welfare would be practically none existant as businesses would be offering so much more than welfare + healthcare - that there would no longer be an incentive to remain on welfare.

All of the above reduces the cost AND size of government (even government workers would be able to get real jobs) Thus taxes would be much less and the budget would be easily balanced and China would not own the US debt.

NOTE: The Career Politicians have made a concious choice to NOT fund the border patrol and close the borders - as Eisenhour did in the early 50's - which produced less competion for jobs and 20 years of family life where ONE bread winner holding one job could buy a home and put the kids through college. Now 2 working parents have a hard time doing it. Why did they do this??? They knew it was happening!!! Vote for Career Politicians to get a real career.
The best interest is to return congressmen back to the states,return government back to what we had in 1950. Government IS OUT OF CONTROL.There are so many corrupt things that has developed over the years,there is not time to list them all. Washington has lost all credibility and integrity. At this time I feel we our people without country. 

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