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Reduce the role of the federal government in the agriculture business.

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Reduce the role of the federal government in the agriculture business

Farm subsidies transfer income from taxpayers to farm owners. About 90% goes to large corporate farms, enabling them to buy out small farmers.

Setting prices above the market level by giving loans, price supports and direct payments and accepting crops as payment for loans results in surpluses and waste.

Other effects are to subsidize junk food and create the need for other nutritional measures.

Government "marketing orders" let 39 groups of farmers block competition and maintain high prices.

Import restrictions impose tariffs on imported farm products and limit the amount of product that can be imported.

U.S. farm policies have a disastrous effect on poor farmers in developing countries.

Get the federal government out of the agriculture business.

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Comment by Christopher Mullaney on February 7, 2011 at 1:34pm
President Obama in todays (2/7/2011) speech to the National Chamber of Commerce stated that his administration was going to review the roll and regulations of all departments in an effort to reduce the bureaucratic morass the the Federal government has put in place lets hope he doesn't just pay lip service to these business leaders.
Comment by Christopher Mullaney on May 9, 2010 at 1:36pm
$146 billion
Yes that the Department of Agriculture's 2011 budget.
It appears that you congressional representatives have given away your tax dollars in the guise of helping farmers but in reality have devised a way to spend more money on welfare programs and special interest groups.

They say that USDA’s total budget for 2011 is about $146 billion. Roughly 80 percent of outlays, about $117 billion, are associated with mandatory programs that provide services as required by law. These include the majority of the nutrition assistance programs, farm commodity programs, export promotion programs and a number of conservation programs. The increase in mandatory outlays in 2011 is primarily due to nutrition assistance and crop insurance.

Could it be that no one is minding the store?
Before you vote for your next representative or senator ask what they will do about this apparent waist of tax payers dollars.
Comment by Jody flynn on April 26, 2010 at 9:26am
The current farm bill is a rubber stamp on the poorly crafted agriculture policy. Powerful special interests have been directly contributing to the obesity epidemic in the US by subsidizing corn. Thousands of our most common foods are altered by the additions of "high fructose corn syruup", "modified corn starch", "maltodextrin" etc etc. Our beef cattle are fed exclusively on corn; our chickens are raised in darkened sheds and fed on corn; our pork is fattened on corn; farmed fish are being fed with corn products. The fast food industry which has such deleterious effects on our nation's current and future health is dependent on the continued approval of the farm bill. These are direct consequences of a flawed policy and our representatives in Congress continue to ignore the evidence.

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