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Federal tax reform is straightforward. You Decide: Tax Income OR Consumption?

You Decide: Tax Income OR Consumption?

Federal tax reform is straightforward.

Make a single decision: tax income OR consumption?

You just made all the following decisions as well.

Tax what you earn OR what you spend?

What you put into OR take out of the economy?

Wealth creation OR wealth depletion?

Jobs, work, savings, investment and entrepreneurship OR spending?

Complex reporting by about 122 million individual taxpayers and millions of corporations OR simple reporting of total sales by about 1/7th as many businesses that sell new goods and services?

Report to the IRS OR report to the states to remit directly to the Treasury?

Require an IRS in order to collect taxes OR the IRS is out of business in three years?

Continue an estimated 19% evasion of income tax OR take advantage of the fact that almost all retail sales are automated and can easily record sales taxes?

An individual taxpayer, among 122 million, can evade income tax, requiring 1.4 million audits in 2013 OR if both a retailer of new goods and services AND a buyer evade sales tax, anyone can report the practice and receive an award for disclosure?

Non-filers, illegals, drug dealers and tourists pay no tax OR pay a tax when they buy new goods and services?

Both employers and wage earners report and pay payroll tax OR the 15.3% payroll tax on jobs and work is eliminated?

Prove your income and deductions to the government OR what you earn or give away is none of the government’s business?

Keep the highest corporate income tax in the world OR cut it to zero and make America the best place to start a business and hire people.

 Keep corporate subsidies in the tax code OR end crony capitalism and stop using the tax code to implement social policy?

Incur high prices to cover the taxes paid by corporations OR pay retailers a price for new goods and services that includes the FairTax?

Imbed taxes in exports made with American labor OR send more competitive exports into world markets tax-free?

Allow imports made with foreign labor to come in tax-free OR tax imports the same as U.S.-produced goods when sold?

U.S. corporations have $2.1 trillion stashed and earned and taxed at low rates overseas and won’t repatriate it to be double taxed OR welcome tax-free the return of money earned and taxed abroad to be invested creating jobs in the U.S.?

Corporations have to buy foreign companies and move their headquarters overseas (corporate inversions) to get lower taxes OR the U.S. becomes the most favorable place to locate multinational headquarters?

Corporations prefer debt to equity to raise capital and become overleveraged, because interest on debt is tax deductible OR corporations become more stable with a balance between debt and equity?

Corporations and families make distorted decisions to get the best after-tax effect OR they’re free to make the best economic decisions?

Hire CPAs, tax lawyers and lobbyists to minimize taxes OR have them move their considerable skills into work that benefits everyone?

Maintain full employment for lobbyists and elected representatives OR stop gaming the tax code?

Let families take home a little more of what they earn OR all they earn?

Contribute to charity income that’s been taxed OR hasn’t been taxed?

Pay mortgage interest that’s been taxed OR hasn’t been taxed?

Keep a distinction between for-profit and nonprofit corporations OR treat both the same?

Require nonprofits and churches to restrict political speech to stay tax-exempt OR let them exercise their rights to free speech and advocacy?

47% of filers are likely to want bigger government because they pay no income tax OR everyone has skin in the game.

Many poor have to pay someone to help them get their taxes OR all the poor are untaxed because they, like every family, receive every month the amount of tax required to spend at the poverty level?

Adopt a Value Added Tax (VAT) that taxes each stage of production OR tax only the final sale?

Keep the cost of government hidden OR make it more transparent?

Mark up 74,608 pages of Internal Revenue Code to reform it OR pass the 131-page Fair Tax Act (H.R. 25 with 73 co-sponsors) to replace it?

Continue a tax gap (owed but not paid) estimated at more than $450 billion by the IRS OR adopt the same system that 45 states with 97% of the economy use to collect sales taxes reliably?

Incur compliance costs estimated by the IRS to be $431 billion on top of paying taxes OR reduce compliance costs by about 90%?

Keep the IRS OR eliminate the taxes collected by the IRS and close the IRS  after three years?

Dread April 15 OR enjoy a nice spring day?

The economy lags OR takes off?

In summary, adopt a Flat (Income) Tax OR pass the Fair (consumption) Tax?

Flat OR Fair?

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Expect reform to come from Washington OR "Share", below, this one-question decision with your friends.

Read boring letters to the editor OR write your own saying which decision you made and why.

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