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Tax Code Is Opaque for Nefarious Reasons

"Here's What Genuine Tax Reform Looks Like" was an excellent opinion column in The Wall Street Journal, December 23, 2015, written by John R. Cochrane, Senior Fellow, Stanford University Hoover Institution. Eight days later the Journal published four letters to the editor in response, including the one below by Dan Dyer.

The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Edition

December 31, 2015



Tax Code Is Opaque for Nefarious Reasons

The ability throughout 74,608 pages of the Internal Revenue Code to hide tax increases, obfuscate utopian social schemes and cloak opportunities for outright political pocket-lining is legend.


Below is Dan Dyer's Letter:

To answer the question of why is tax reform paralyzed, Prof. Cochrane proposes that we “first reform the structure of the tax code” and “separately debate rates and the consequent overall revenue and progressivity.” Even after “separating the issues,” he says, “negotiating such an agreement will be hard.” That’s an understatement. His approach would deliver the mother lode to the lobbyists. A more direct and easier negotiation would be to replace rather than reform the present broken system. The 131-page Fair Tax Act (H.R. 25) with 73 co-sponsors achieves all the reforms Mr. Cochrane mentions and many more. It replaces about 73,000 pages of tax code, retains progressivity, generates the same government revenue, and eliminates the IRS in three years.

Daniel Dyer

Mystic, Conn.


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